What to Wear?

It’s the number one question from 95% of all of my clients. "What should we wear for our session???"

The short answer (straight from my website)?

My advice for newborns and infants is that bare skin provides some breath taking images. For older infants and children bold solid colors photograph well. Try to eliminate logos or overly busy patterns that can distract from your child. Hats, boots, scarves and the like can add a fun element to the image. Jeans, overalls, sundresses, khaki's and bare feet are all preferable. Complimentary colors work best for family or group shots. It’s easy to give advice to the seniors–I tell them to wear something that defines them, something they love, something they’re comfortable in. Children, on the other hand, can be more challenging, especially when there are multiple children involved. In my opinion it is much more interesting if the children are not wearing the same outfit or matchy-matchy outfits.

But the short answer doesn't always result in 'AMAZING' portraits. A lot of my clients want portraits that look like Rachel Zoe planned their outfits but don't want to PAY Rachel Zoe to plan their outfits. This blog is the answer!

We’ve all seen the white shirt/black shirt/jeans/khakis combo and in the right setting, it can work beautifully. But nothing says fun, fabulous, modern…quite like gorgeous COLOR!! There is nothing more exciting to me than to have my clients show up to a session with lots of color and accessories. What you wear can really make your photos POP and more importantly, make your photos AMAZING! Especially when it's all coordinated together perfectly.

Normally the bride-to-be/wife/mother is planning and coordinating the session. Being a wife and mother myself I know how overwhelming it can be to try to coordinate outfits of 2, 3, 4 or sometimes even 5 or more people. Especially when extended families living in different cities or states are involved. I'm hoping that this blog will make preparing for our session as smooth and stress free as possible.

I will be posting suggestions for all types of clothing and accessories for families, kids, babies, maternity, engagements and who knows what else! There will even be pictures, a shopping guide which includes links for where to shop and prices! I hope to spark those creative juices flowing as we prepare for your upcoming session! Be sure to keep checking back and get your dose of fun photography fashion!!

Just keep these 3 key words in mind: LAYERS, COLOR & ACCESSORIES.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WINTER WONDERLAND | Lola & Me Photography Washington DC's Family Photography

I'm sitting here in my office thinking about the weeks ahead. Typically I get busy (by busy I mean booking 2 months in advance) starting around August. By November I am already starting to pick the date my last session of the year will be. Then January usually returns back to my normal session scheduling pace. After years of shooting I've come to realize the one main factor why Jan and Feb aren't as frenzied as Aug-Dec is because most clients prefer outdoor shoots. Outdoor shoots in the freezing temperatures of Jan or Feb normally don't seem all that appealling. What would we possibly wear that would make our family photos memorable and amazing?

When an outdoor shoot is scheduled for this time of year one of three scenerios take place:

(a) My clients choose outfits that are a mix of these great color coordinated, completely adorable clothes which are completely inappropriate for the weather. So clients arrive wearing the non-coordinating but very warm ski coats. We run outside throw off the coats....snap snap snap.....put on the coats and warm up......throw off the coats......snap snap snap.....etc. All the while shivering and trying to put on a natural smile in freezing temperatures.

(b) Clients choose studio a shoot. (**NOTE: Studio shoots are not a bad thing. In fact, studio shoots offers a ton of variety and when newborns and babies are involved are a must).

(c) Clients wait until warmer weather. (**NOTE: Again not a bad thing just not the only option!)

If you want to book an outdoor shoot in Jan or Feb why not? There's a really easy solution - bundle up, while also looking great! Who says that by bundling up you can't look absolutely amazing?

LAYERS, COLORS and ACCESSORIES are the key ingredients when it comes to putting together a great cold weather wardrobe for your photo session.


1. Jackets can be pricey and buying a trendy colorful coat especially where kids are concerned may not be a viable option. If you already own jackets that fit well (we are not talking the huge moo-moo sized jacket that goes with everything) then go with it and accessorize! Adding a cute hat, scarf and/or gloves will make a huge difference.

2. Vests (esp the puffy down vest that are in this year...think Old Navy) look great over sweaters or hoodies.

3. This year grey is the new black. Try a base color of grey or a beige-y grey and then POP it with some color (think vibrant purple or brilliant turquoise).

4. Tights or leggings are a great way to add that POP of color while helping to keep you and the kids warm. Plus they look great with boots!

5. If you still need some warmth try throwing on some thermals underneath and an extra pair of socks!! You'll be dressed with style to go play in the snow.

BOTTOM LINE: Winter is the perfect time to get those UNIQUE YET AMAZING outdoor portraits. All it takes is some creative planning to get that perfect mix of warmth and style!

Here are some ideas I put together:

Mom: $169.99 JCrew
Dad: $89.99 Eddie Bauer
Boy: $44.95 Olive Juice
Girl: $129.99 crewcuts and $24.00 miniBoden